Jun 22, 2014 Jun 29, 2014
* This statement was backed by 217 individual signatories & 9 organisations at time of press release (22nd June, 2pm)

1. We refer to the Straits Times report on “Religious teacher launches ‘wear white’ online campaign” (20 June 2014). We note with regret that this recent controversy is a sign of a “culture war” that has taken root in Singapore. This will pose a significant challenge in building a harmonious society that thrives on diversity.

2. We, the undersigned, affirm the principles which Singapore rests upon. These principles are found in the Singapore pledge: to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality.

3. No individual or group in a democracy should impinge on others in an unjust manner. Our freedom to fully express ourselves according to our conscience must come with the reciprocal responsibility to accord the same freedom to other people. This holds true even if these others hold beliefs that deeply contradict our own. No individual or group should therefore be vilified, condemned, or subjected to harassment or abuse – physical or otherwise – or suffer any other form of reprisal simply for taking a position, taking part or identifying with a range of LGBTQ issues.

4. We strongly call for the idea of equality as citizens before the law to be upheld. This means that all forms of discrimination on the basis of one’s sexual orientation are incompatible with the progressive value of equality that this nation rests upon. Equal citizenship also entails that majoritarianism (the idea that the majority has a right to impose its views and values on the minority) must be kept in check. A just and harmonious society can only be achieved when the majority does not infringe upon and discriminate against any minority, including sexual minorities.

5. The LGBTQ issue has often been portrayed as a conflict between “religious” versus “secular” values. We are troubled by this false dichotomy. We note that numerous religious leaders and organisations, in Singapore and around the world, have expressed support for LGBTQ equality. Religion is equally capable of upholding and supporting universal values such as democracy, justice and equality. In fact, these values form the ethical structure of many religions, including that of the major religions in Singapore. We urge that these values serve as a bridge when discussing issues on LGBTQ across the religious and non-religious spectrum. We call for enlightened religious leaders to make a stand in upholding these values in public discourse.

6. We are concerned about the continuous dehumanizing portrayals of members of the LGBTQ community. They have been subjected to a range of abuses, from discrimination and ostracisation, to verbal and physical attacks. Lately, a worrying trend has emerged on social media with voices calling for gays and lesbians to be targeted for public shaming and harassment. Such extreme views can only emerge from a deeply homophobic atmosphere where homosexuality is pathologised as a “disease” to be cured or exterminated. There is a need, therefore, to increase public awareness on the plight of the LGBTQ community and their lived realities, as well as greater public education on issues pertaining to homosexuality.

7. With these considerations in mind, we call for greater dialogues across all spectrums of views, with the common goal of achieving greater understanding and tolerance. The basis for such dialogues should lie in compassion and knowledge, rather than ignorance, hatred and prejudice. We believe that only through such dialogues can we overcome bigotry and ignorance, and forge a harmonious society that respects and upholds the dignity of every human being. For religionists, we call for these values to be manifested when responding to LGBTQ issues. Religion, after all, is a wellspring for compassion, justice and wisdom for all humankind, and we would do well to strive for such aspirations.


1. Leftwrite Center
2. Maruah
4. Free Community Church
5. Humanist Society (Singapore) 
6. Sayoni
7. Women and Law in Islam (WALI) Working Group
8. Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign
9. Project X
*10. Safe Singapore
*11. FTM Asia
*12. Think Centre
1. Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib
2. Vincent Law Chap Meng
3. Khairulanwar Zaini
4. Alfian Sa’at
5. Muhammad Shahril Shaik Abdullah
6. Isrizal Mohamed Isa
7. Dr Nazry Bahrawi
8. Reverend Miak Siew Meng Ee
9. Nur Jamil
10. Dr Hoon Chang Yau
11. Dr Vivienne Wee
12. Braema Mathi
13. Wai Kit Ow Yeong
14. Dr Imran Tajudeen
15. Ng Yi-Sheng
16. Muhamad Fadli Mohammed Fawzi
17. Adlina Maulod
18. Aishah Othman
19. Noor Effendy Ibrahim
20. Tan Dan Feng
21. Dr Paul Anantharajah Tambyah
22. Yap Ching Wi
23. T. Sasitharan
24. Eileena Lee Wann Yuen
25. Ariz Yusaf Ansari
26. Chong Kwek Yen
27. Lee Chee Hong
28. Huang Jing Rui
29. Dr Wong Chee Ming
30. Edwina Shaddick
31. Abdul Shariff Aboo Kassim
32. Izzie Saleh Ali
33. Lynn Lee
34. Phra Chun Kiang
35. Cheong Wai Yan Timothy Herald
36. Lee Tuck Leong
37. Jolovan Wham
38. Shelley Thio
39. Jacqueline Tan
40. Mohammed Hafiz Zakaria
41. Halijah Mohamad
42. Ong Chin Hwee
43. Kok Heng Leun
44. Kuo Jian Hong
45. Chong Tze Chien
46. Gloria Tan Si Lin
47. Sean Tobin
48. Jennifer Teo
49. Dr Woon Tien Wei
50. Mohammad Hafiz
51. Dr Tony See Sin Heng
52. Dr Nur Amali Ibrahim
53. Jamal Mohamad
54. Kartini Omar
55. Zunaida Parvin
56. Faizah Said
57. Illi Syaznie
58. Dr Teo You Yenn
59. Lim Jialiang
60. Farhan M. Idris
61. Dr Lai Ah Eng
62. Joshua Woo Sze Zeng
63. Karen Teoh
64. Sage Lee
65. Mark Wong De Yi
66. Dr Azhar Ibrahim Alwee
**67. Dr Ivan Kwek
**68. Dr Khoo Hoon Eng
69. Jasmine Ng
70. Marylyn Tan
71. Raksha Mahtani
72. Jean Chong
73. Boo Junfeng
74. Ivan Heng Ai Jin
75. Alvin Tan Cheong Kheng
76. Dana Lam
77. Bryan Choong
78. Wong Pei Chi
79. Nurul Fadiah Johari
80. Azizah Zakaria
81. Roderick Chia
82. Margaret Thomas
83. Faeza Sirajudin
84. Winifred Loh
85. Stephanie Chu
86. Corinna Lim
87. Kanwaljit Soin
**88. Jevon Ng
89. Dr Liew Khai Khiun
90. Shyam Anand Singh
91. Melissa Tsang
92. Benjamin Seet
93. Priscilla Chia
94. Deborah Emmanuel
95. Ovidia Yu
96. Lavinia Kannathass
97. Sujith Kumar Prankumar
98. Mohammad Rohaizad Suaidi
99. Nabilah Husna
100. Adrianna Tan
101. Tan Yen Ling Sylvia
102. Roy Tan
103. Eugene Tan Siah Yew
104. Joe Wong
**105. Stephanie Chok
106. Dr Gwee Li Sui
107. Abdul Ghani Saine
108. Daryl Yang Wei Jian
109. Zeng Li Hui
110. Marcia Annelise Vanderstraaten
111. Sharda Maxine Harrison
112. Dr Vincent Wijeysingha
113. Dr Martha Lee
114. Siew Kum Hong
115. Lillian Wong
116. Iskandar Ramli
117. Gwyneth Teo
118. Junita Ali
119. Ng Ching Ee
120. Chang Jiat Khee
121. Sapphire Gan
122. Chia Meng Tat
123. Karen Hee
124. Poh Yong Hui
125. Renee Tan
126. Billy Loh
127. Ng Yuan Hui
128. Wu Shiyun
129. Lim Siew Wee
130. Yong Wee Kim
131. Metta Ong
132. Khoo Waye Jen Dawn
133. Sia Seow Hong
134. Constance Singam
135. Kerwin Kwek Zeming
136. Zayn See
**137. Martyn See
138. Ravi Philemon
139. Annaliza Bakri
140. Rachel Zeng
141. Paul Tobin
142. Zheng Huifen
143. Tan Tatt Si
144. Shamima Rafi
145. Mark Kwan
146. Liyan Chen
147. Dan Tang
148. Dan Dan Thio Chee Lin
149. Norhashimah bte Adam
150. Dr Matilda Gabrielpillai
151. Tan Shou Chen
152. Natalie Wang
153. Eleanor Joan Ong
154. Dr Lai Chiu Yun
155. Dione Wang
156. Sarah Siow Daud
157. Marc Nair
158. Mohan Gopalan
159. Jennifer Anne Champion
160. Stephanie Chan Man Yi
161. Sean Padman Israfil McNemanin
162. Lucas Ho
163. Faith Ng
164. Joel Bertrand Tan
165. Ili Atiqah
166. Tng Ying Hui
167. Diyanah Kamarudin
168. Ong Shu Xian, Charmaine
169. Cindy Lin Kaiying
170. Yvonne Yap Ying Ying
171. Yap Jia Jun
172. Jiang Lanxin
173. Abdul Hamid Bin Roslan
174. Tan Hui Shan
175. Victor Gan
176. Zul Ikmal Zulkefle
177. Ifraim Sofian Faylasuf
178. Ming Poon
179. Tania de Rozario
180. Hani Mohamed
181. Prashant Somosundram
182. Darren Koh Ngiap Thiam
183. Jason Ong Chiau Heong
184. Eugene Liow
185. Darshita Thurairajah
186. Donovan Koh
187. Zahirah Suhaimi-Broder
188. Vanessa Ho
189. Marcus Lim
190. Muhammad Parasuram
191. Muhd Ridzwan bin Rahmat
192. Fezhah Maznan
193. Ilyana Akbar
194. Andrea Koh
195. Biddy Low Guat Hua
196. June Chua Ruo Si
197. Wayne Tan
198. Jacob Quek
199. Muhammad Dul Fakar
200. Fa’izah Ahmad
201. Shah Nor Ali
202. Remy Choo Zheng Xi
203. Rafil Kamaruddin
204. Syed Mohamad Hafiz bin Yahya
205. Reverend Yap Kim Hao
206. Vincent Cheng
207. Nick Kapoor
208. Lynn Kan
209. Teo Soh Lung
210. Puar Si Liang
211. Ganapathi Saravanakannan
212. Clementine Emilie Rawlinson
213. Pak Geok Choo
214. Norhayati Mohd Ali
215. Wong Souk Yee
216. Farid Hamid
217. Wei Ling Rai
*218. Cyril Wong
*219. Nicholas Tham Cheng Yang
*220. Shanta Arul
*221. Seelan Palay
*222. Dickson Su
*223. Kenneth Paul
*224. Andrew Chan
*225. William Yap
*226. Ho Choon Hiong
*227. Edmund Chow Chin Min
*228.Vincent Pang
*229. Chris Ho
*230. Michael Cheng
*231. Mark Chan
*232. Linus Chan
*233. Arthur Lim
*234. AD Chan
*235. Benjamin Ho
*236. Joel Tan
*237. Ebi Shankara
*238. Dr Thum Ping Tjin
*239. Tan Tee Seng
*240. Peiying Loh
*241. Benjamin Xue
*242. Annabelle Wong
*243. Trudy Loh
*244. Sue-Yen Tan
*245. Pat Chan
*246. Jheevanesh Sivanathan
*247. Tan Kwoh Jack
*248. Eddie Choo
*249. Dr Adrian Heok
*250. Sinapan Samydorai

* These signatories had indicated their support after the release of the press statement. 

** Due to an oversight, some names were accidentally listed twice. We have switched these names with signatories who had notified us of their support after the release of the press statement.